Jewellery for all your Virtual Events

Zoom Call, Google Meet and other online communication channels are not new to the office bees, but Virtual Events/ Online events are a fairly new concept for people celebrating their special occasions of life.

Remember, the threat is the Virus and not the people. Don’t let distance get between your relationships. 

Virtual Events like wedding functions, baby shower, party with friends, etc., help you stay connected, and be a part of memorable occasions of your loved ones while maintaining social distance.

A “Jewellery Code” makes much more sense than a “Dress Code” for any Virtual Party, as most of your presence will be seen from the waist up. 

Let your face do the talking!

You can forgo your heavy lehengas, sarees or evening gowns and still look presentable by styling your hair, a little makeup, lustrous jewellery and proper lighting!

Oh! Don’t forget to change your Pajamas. 

Here we bring you a guide to perfect jewellery for all your Virtual Events.

1. Pre-Wedding Ceremonies- Indian Wedding is not just one-day affair. It starts with “Rishta Pakka Samjhen?” and “Muh Meetha Karna” and trust us, it’s just the beginning. So let’s go step by step and help you chose the perfect jewellery for all your special days.

  • Roka Ceremony- Roka ceremony marks the beginning of your new life. And as they say, first impression is the last impression, so your Roka Jewellery has to be the perfect pick! Choose from a variety of elegant Kolharpuri Thushi Necklace or classy Moti Chinchpeti and relish your paparazzi moment virtually.


  • Engagement Ceremony- So, the wait is over, and finally ‘Saajanji Ghar Aaye’ to take a step forward towards your happily ever after. Adorn your hands with intricately crafted, adjustable broad kadas with screw or stone and Kundan studded bangles with that precious diamond on your ring finger. Pearl Kundan Jhumkas, Kundan dangle earrings or chandbali, will add an extra oomph to your picture-perfect look!

  • Mehendi Ceremony- Mehendi is the most fun-filled ceremony of all wedding celebrations, the time when a bride can satisfy her inner Princess, with people feeding her and doing all her chores. Give a regal affair to your preferred ethnic outfit, with a handcrafted Kundan pearl choker, multi-strand long pearl necklace, or moti rani haar, accessible in different colors and patterns.

  • Haldi Ceremony- Yellow is the color of auspices and turmeric enhances the glow and luster of the skin. Thus, Haldi ceremony is held just a day before the wedding, concluded with traditional songs and dance performances. Lightweight kolhapuri Thushi, makes a great pick for your crazy and entertaining Haldi ceremony, with no one listening to your - “No More Haldi, Please!”. 

2. Virtual Wedding- Indian traditional weddings are known for their royal and culture rich festivities. Jewellery holds a deep significance both culturally and as an art of expressing oneself, for every Indian Bride. Chinchpeti, Pearl Jewellery, Rajputi Aad and more, brides have a bucket full of varieties to choose a distinct style for all her pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. If you are confused what to wear, look at our bridal jewellery collection, especially curated for you!

In India, weddings not just bind a couple, but also brings two families and friends together. So, all the ladies out there, look magnificient with classy kundan choker, long pearl necklace or Tanmani short  mangalsutra and flaunt your absolutely gorgeous style statement without over-shadowing the bride!

3. Baby Shower/ Godh Bharai- Goad Bharai is an Indian tradition to bless the mom-to-be and the baby with good health and happiness for their new journey. Whether it's your Baby Shower or you are attending one, highlight your virtual presence with stunning piece of Maharashtrian Thushi Jewellery or a delicate Chinchpeti Necklace, from the wide range of designs available.

4. Ethnic Day at Office-  Here's is a cheat! Just put a nice dupatta around your neck/shoulder, and wear some oxidised jewellery with light makeup, are all set to channel your virtually impressive traditional look. And hey, Thoda Style Maar Lo!

5. College Farewell- We know, you have been waiting to wear favorite saree from your mom’s wardrobe on this day and the pandemic has ruined this dream of yours. But cheer up, as you can still rock your ethnic diva look with a beautifully curated oxidized silver necklace or a pair of jhumkas and bare neck to set hearts fluttering! Be well, do good work and keep in touch….

Let’s skip the hugs and kisses and celebrate safely! 

So, are you ready to go virtual?

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