Chinchpeti Necklace Set With Pink Stones And Pearls
"The comeback is always stronger than the setback." - Unknown This dazzling piece is studded with pink and transparent stones. Interspaced with pearls, the choker gives a heavy look and is perfect for your most special occasions. Shine on like...
Rs. 6,775.00 Rs. 3,399.00
Maharashtrian Chinchpeti With Pearls And Pink Stones
 "The thing women still have to learn is that nobody gives you power, you just take it." - Unknown The eternal pearls are something each woman should possess. Wearing pearls as gemstones is the most subtle way of enhancing your...
Rs. 4,263.00 Rs. 2,149.00
Traditional Moti Chinchpeti Necklace with Pink Stones
"I am woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me!" - Maya Angelou  Do you know the best part about jewellery?Well, it doesn't ask your size or age! Moti Chinchpeti is one such stunning jewellery to create a timeless magic every time...
Rs. 3,618.00 Rs. 1,799.00
Moti Chinchpeti With Red And Green Stones
"When you start seeing your worth, you'll find it harder to stay around with people who don't." - Unknown This dazzling piece with red and green stones is just what you need to accentuate your aura multifold. If you want...
Rs. 3,324.00 Rs. 1,699.00
Maharashtrian Chinchpeti with Pearls And Pink Stones
"If you can dance and be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world." - Amy Poehler. This broad Maharashtrian Chinchpeti Choker has pink and white stones with perfectly complemented pearls. With design inspired by the Peshwai era,...
Rs. 6,769.00 Rs. 3,299.00
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